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Elastic Strap & Pen Holder

With an expandable inner back pocket and three satin bookmarks inside, use our elastic straps to protect your potential everywhere you go.

Habit Tracker

Our monthly and weekly goal setting and reviews are designed specifically to keep you on track toward achieving your goals while still managing day-to-day tasks and healthy habits.

Undated with Luxury Quality

With our vegan leather hardcover combined with the undated bleed-proof paper, the Smart Planner allows you to be ready when you are.

Daily Gratitudes

Similar to writing down goals, when you write down your daily gratitudes, powerful mental shifts will happen over time, allowing more abundance in your life.


Love this planner! My favorite part is the logical and easy to follow layout.
Carol G.
I literally would have failed out of college without this planner. It’s my biggest lifeline! It helps me with all areas: academic, personal, goals, etc. I use it so extensively that it almost functions as a diary. Great work!
I feel like I will actually be able to be productive with the week’s check lists, trackers and notes areas.
Keagan C.
“Hands down the best agenda I have ever bought. I love habit tracker and layout. Even the feel of it is great, the cover is soft to touch. It is also the perfect size”.
Zoe N.

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  • The 5 types of goals

    Once upon a time, there was life without goals. Luckily, that’s way behind us now.  Some people might find goal setting exhausting and are petrified with the pressure of it. But if you look closely, it’s not pressure – no, it’s pure motivation! It only depends on how you want to look at it, right? …

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    Here’s a question for ya: Have you ever stopped to think how your mind works? Have you ever revisited your past and understood how it connects to your present? Have you acknowledged the patterns that repeat in your life without you even realizing it?  Well, if you HAVE done that (at least once in your …


Our Refund

Not completely satisfied? We will fix the problem or we will gladly refund your purchase.

Community feedback

Did you know that all Smart Planners are fully built on user feedback? We always listen to you to craft the perfect planner.

We help you achieve your goals

Smart Planner products have been designed so that you can reach your highest potential while having fun.

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