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Elastic Strap & Pen Holder

With an expandable inner back pocket and three satin bookmarks inside, use our elastic straps to protect your potential everywhere you go.

Undated with Luxury Quality

With our vegan leather hardcover combined with our undated bleed-proof paper, smart planner allows you to be ready when YOU are.

Habit Tracker

Our monthly and weekly goal setting and reviews are designed specifically to keep you on track toward achieving your goals while still managing day-to-day tasks and healthy habits.

Daily Gratitudes

Similar to writing down your goals, when you write down your daily gratitudes, powerful mental shifts will happen over time, allowing more abundance in your life.

OutSMART the Productivity Pressure

Here at Smart Planner Co, we don’t believe that success is measured by productivity. Instead, it is measured by how intentional you are with your actions.

Today with our daily interactions online, we’ve become hyperaware of exactly how others spend their time. So much so that we believe we always need to be moving, doing things, succeeding – just to keep up.

With our scientific approach, we put priority over productivity, keeping it simple so that you have the focus that YOU require. When you put your yearly, weekly and daily priorities into practice, success is inevitable.

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