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  • Brain dump: what is it? And how can I do it?

    Maybe one of the biggest problems we have to face these days is the amount of information we have at our hands – most of it is totally useless, btw – creating a total chaos inside our heads. Feeling overwhelmed is an issue almost everyone is facing right now. We already know the problem.  The …

  • Why self-care is so important for your productivity flow

    Some people may find it pointless to spend time with self-care – after all, time is all about money, money, money – but we believe that taking care of your body and soul can actually help with your productivity instead of only getting in the way.

  • Shatter your slow productivity with these 5 books

    Maybe one of the most valuable goals one could achieve is to be more productive. Everybody talks about it. Everybody dreams about it. But only some really achieve it.

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