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  • Self-Reflection: What Is It And How Should I Do It?

    Here’s a question for ya: Have you ever stopped to think how your mind works? Have you ever revisited your past and understood how it connects to your present? Have you acknowledged the patterns that repeat in your life without you even realizing it?  Well, if you HAVE done that (at least once in your …

  • 50 positive affirmations

    You should never be your own worst critic. Actually, you should be your best cheerleader, even if what you’re selling is just for yourself. Whatever happens inside of you is clearly noted by people around you. So YES – positive affirmations CAN and WILL change your whole reality. We’ve chosen 50 of the best positive affirmations. …

  • 101 things to do in the quarantine

    Quarantine is definitely showing us that self isolation is one of the most difficult things in life. All those little things we took for granted seem so much greater now that we can’t have them, right?Staying productive is still extremely important. BUT you shouldn’t be productive just for productive sake. It’s pointless to be productive …

  • Brain dump: what is it? And how can I do it?

    Maybe one of the biggest problems we have to face these days is the amount of information we have at our hands – most of it is totally useless, btw – creating a total chaos inside our heads. Feeling overwhelmed is an issue almost everyone is facing right now. We already know the problem.  The …

  • How to go through quarantine and still be productive

    COVID-19 has changed everyone’s reality and denying it won’t make it better. What we need to do right now is face the problem and try our best to deal with it in a mature and effective way.  Even though it’s pretty hard to have mental clarity right now, you can still achieve your goals – …

  • How to use gratitude to level up your happiness

    Let’s face it. You can’t have everything at the same time. It’s physically impossible and extremely improbable. Everybody has gone through this before: being so overwhelmed with the amount of things that we cannot do or cannot have, letting it frustrate you. And, with no exception, the instant you start to think about those things, …

  • Why self-care is so important for your productivity flow

    Some people may find it pointless to spend time with self-care – after all, time is all about money, money, money – but we believe that taking care of your body and soul can actually help with your productivity instead of only getting in the way.

  • Shatter your slow productivity with these 5 books

    Maybe one of the most valuable goals one could achieve is to be more productive. Everybody talks about it. Everybody dreams about it. But only some really achieve it.

  • The 5 types of goals

    Once upon a time, there was life without goals. Luckily, that’s way behind us now.  Some people might find goal setting exhausting and are petrified with the pressure of it. But if you look closely, it’s not pressure – no, it’s pure motivation! It only depends on how you want to look at it, right? …

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