Plan smarter, live better.

We help people get organized and improve their lifestyle.

We believe in performance. If you have that feeling that there aren’t enough hours, you know what we mean. Every second counted, every line mattered – how could we get more done?

From designers to engineers, from tech-savvy to old-timers – all the successful and busy ones are organized.

We started to realize this, and some quick research backed all our theories with reliable data.

Sooner or later, we all turn to write some plans. It’s natural for our learning; it’s how your mind transmutes into matter. It’s the process of organizing the creative chaos on your head into something useful and actionable.

We dreamt of a simple way to speed this creation process. After all, life is being able to do the things that you dream and think about.

After months of research, we wrote down all the flaws, desires, tips, tricks, pains of people who were trying to be their best selves.

We had top-notch product designers, brand strategists, engineers to go over endless feedback from users until we get to the perfect Smart Planning Method.

Hundreds of thousands of sales and reviews later, we found out that our way of proprietary Smart Planner method was changing people’s lives.

And we are just starting.

Plan smarter, live better.

Belinda, Kelsey & Roderick.

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